Troy Buckley

Land Steward

Troy has been a regular visitor to the San Juan Islands for decades and has always been impressed with the natural beauty during all seasons and weather conditions. In 2014, Troy began rolling up his sleeves at Preservation Trust work parties, and after moving to Orcas Island full time, he began volunteering regularly as a Preserve Steward at Turtleback Mountain and Turtlehead Preserves in 2020. He distinguished himself as a volunteer, winning our 2020–21 Volunteer of the Year Award. He joined the staff as a part-time Land Steward in July 2021.

Troy holds a B.S. and M.S in Fisheries from the University of Washington, and has enjoyed many years of scientific and environmental education in informal settings for the Alaska Fisheries Science Center, Seattle Public Libraries, and the Pacific Science Center. Although Troy’s education and career were centered around marine ecosystems, he grew up in rural South Puget Sound exploring the tideflats, forests, and wetlands.

“I have always had an interest in the interplay between the physical environment and the plants and animals that inhabit an area, as well as the dynamics between the inhabitants that change over the seasons and years,” he says. “I feel very fortunate to be contributing to the conservation and care of the quality and character of the San Juan Islands, and I look forward to fostering connections between people and the remarkable places that surround us.”

Troy’s stewardship responsibilities include the following islands:

Lopez, Stuart, Whale Rocks & the Wasps (Crane, McConnell, Reef)