Stephanie Reiss

Operations Specialist

Stephanie’s background involves lots of outdoor recreation and appreciation of the natural environment. She primarily grew up in a ski town in Utah and was introduced to wildlands across the western U.S. from an early age. She grew up hiking, camping, skiing, and biking, and she has always had a fascination with wildlife.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Washington and was first introduced to the islands as a student at Friday Harbor Labs. Her career brought her back to San Juan Island as a research assistant for an environmental nonprofit doing southern resident killer whale research. She was captivated by the rich nature, cultural history, and community, and quickly settled into island life.

Stephanie joined the Preservation Trust staff in the winter of 2024. As Operations Specialist, she provides support in a variety of capacities, including event planning, information technology, and project coordination. With her background in biology and conservation, she greatly enjoys working alongside groups of people who share her love of the natural world.

Outside of work, Stephanie enjoys a variety of hobbies including snorkeling, skiing, baking, writing poetry, and spending time with animals (most notably her cats, Eddie and Tangerine). She has recently taken up ceramics and gardening and is always looking for new ways to learn.