Tom Cowan  Lopez Island

Tom and his wife, Tammy, permanently moved to Lopez Island in 1974, primarily to raise their two young sons in a rural environment. As an electrical contractor, Tom saw how rapid development was quickly changing the environment and landscape of the Islands. He became passionate about conservation issues, which resulted in his election in 1982 to three four-year terms as a county commissioner. One fond memory is his intimate involvement in the formation of the Land Bank in 1990. Later, Tom worked for the Puget Sound Water Quality Authority on legislative issues to protect and restore our marine waters, which led to his becoming the first director of the Northwest Straits Commission.

Now retired, Tom is a former board member of the Land Bank Commission, the SeaDoc Society, and the State Transportation Commission, and is currently a member of the Citizens for a National Monument Steering Committee and a Governor’s appointee to the Northwest Straits Commission. He enjoys running, golfing, boating, gardening, and is an avid fly fisherman. He and Tammy also enjoy camping and spending time with their children and five grandchildren. They have been members of the Preservation Trust since the early 1980s. Tom looks forward to continuing to work on protecting the islands’ rich environment and culture.