Mary Miller  Orcas Island

Mary Miller grew up hearing about the remote islands and stunning shorelines of the San Juan Islands. On a chance weekend trip in 1992, she was captivated by the rural life and incredible beauty of Orcas Island. During that fateful weekend, she fell in love. Both the San Juan Islands and her traveling companion, Steve, captivated her heart forever. With a lifelong curiosity of the outdoors and a commitment to the tapestry of rural life, Mary and Steve chose to leave their corporate city lives and permanently relocate to Orcas Island in 1999.

After leaving a successful career as a Senior Fraud Analyst in Loss Prevention for a major financial institution, Mary set her sights on reinventing herself as a conservationist. By working as a naturalist, property manager, and in multiple volunteer positions, she has been able to deepen her understanding of the ecosystem unique to the San Juan Islands. A passion and dedication to the stewardship of these fragile lands and shorelines has become an integral part of her responsibility to living in this archipelago. Mary is thrilled to be part of the San Juan Preservation Trust’s commitment to preserve and protect this amazing environment.

Mary and Steve reside on Orcas Island amid a lovely garden with their cats, Teddy and Tru. In their spare time, they enjoy hiking, camping and exploring our National Parks.