Introducing our 2013 Volunteer of the Year:  PETER WILLING

Our 2013 Volunteer of the Year certainly lives up to his last name. While fairly new to the San Juan Preservation Trust volunteer team, Peter has been more than willing to pitch in and help out on the magical Vendovi Island Preserve. Peter, in the last two years, has logged many hours on the Preserve, doing everything from untangling the mystery of the archaic electrical and water systems to hauling off garbage, pulling ivy, assisting with a variety of other maintenance tasks and even fundraising for the Campaign to Save Vendovi Island.

Peter has lived in Bellingham since 1983, with his wife Jan and their dogs, and after learning of SJPT’s purchase of Vendovi Island became an ambassador for its long-term protection. One of his favorite moments on the island – not surprisingly, having nothing whatsoever to do with water or electrical systems – was watching the caretaker’s 10-year old son quietly enjoying the setting sun over distant islands. “He is just a shade younger than I was when I first showed up in the San Juans, and he took me back to those times,” Peter remarked. “It is pleasant to consider the memories that he will one day hold.”

We thank Peter for his dedication to the island, and for introducing its charms to many in his community. His efforts will certainly help many other visitors create their own memories, and we are glad he is “willing” to help.

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