Viola adunca and Fragaria vesca

Nature’s garden is full of delights. Along paths, shorelines, waterways, and even roadsides, an array of wildflowers color and shape the seasons, giving freely of their fragrance, beauty, and in some cases, flavor.

In the islands, the sweet Early Blue Violet (Viola adunca) can occasionally be found blooming amongst Woodland Strawberry (Fragaria vesca) and Wild Strawberry (Frageria virginiana) in open forest and meadow habitats. Deer love these little gems, but careful observers who find the delicious duet are in for a treat. Wild strawberry fruit, though tiny, bursts with flavor, and both the leaves and flowers of violets are edible and tasty.

While a little nibble along the trail is a treat, consider incorporating these species into your home garden. Both do well in containers and thrive when tended. It’s a wonderful way to provide forage for pollinators—from bumble bees to butterflies—while growing something native that is delicious, nutritious, and beautiful.