Thank you for your aspiration to give back by volunteering your time, skills and enthusiasm.

We hope that one or more of these positions will connect with you! 


Our Fieldwork Volunteers help restore, maintain, and enhance the ecological health of our conserved properties by eradicating non-native plants, replanting native species, cleaning up beaches, assisting with the Island Marble Butterfly Habitat Expansion Project, and a variety of other responsibilities. Enjoy the camaraderie of working with others who share your similar passions for species recovery, the outdoors, and land conservation.

Time commitment: Attend one or more work parties per year.
Requirements: Physical ability to do manual labor. Your own equipment appreciated, but not necessary.
Location: Various locations throughout islands, most will be ferry-served. Transportation to non-ferry-served islands provided by SJPT; carpools are often arranged.

To apply, fill out our Volunteer Application here.

Volunteers plant Henderson’s Checkermallow on Henry Island Preserve


Do you have a favorite place in the San Juans? Perhaps it is right near your own backyard. Our Preserve Stewards adopt one (or more!) of our 64 Preservation Trust-owned preserves (we can provide you with a list of current openings) and make regular visits. In order to maintain the integrity of the preserve, Preserve Stewards clean up any trash, report vandalism or other suspicious activity on the preserves to our Director of Stewardship, document bird and mammal sightings (the latter not a formal requirement of the position), and complete brief follow-up reports.

Time commitment: Choose one (or more, if your schedule allows) preserve(s) and visit it a minimum of once a month for at least six months.
Requirements: Physical ability to hike over hilly and uneven ground.
Location: Choose from one of four islands to monitor: Lopez, San Juan, Orcas, or Shaw. We also need stewards for Jack, Henry, Stuart, McConnell, and Decatur Islands (please indicate if you can get to these non-ferry-served islands on your volunteer application).

To apply, fill out our Preserve Steward Application here.

A field visit to a preserve


In this position, you will assist Stewardship Manager Kathleen Foley Lewis and other SJPT staff with the San Juan Islands Western Bluebird Reintroduction Project. Volunteers are either landowners who host nest boxes on their property, volunteers who have adopted a territory of next boxes to care for, or volunteers who join one or more nest box cleaning parties per year.

Time commitment: Adopting a territory requires seasonal care and maintenance, 1-2 weekdays a month August to November. Work parties typically last about 4 hours.
Requirements: Ability to walk 1 mile over uneven terrain and carry 25 pounds. A ladder and cleaning equipment may be necessary when servicing next boxes. Click here for cleaning protocol.
Location: Various locations across San Juan Island.

To apply, fill out our Volunteer Application here.

Volunteers hoist and secure a bluebird nest box


As a community scientist you will assist Stewardship Manager, Kathleen Foley Lewis, and other SJPT staff with the Annual Swan Count and/or Bluebird Blitz. Sign up to be put on our list of volunteers who track and record these avian species.

Time commitment: Attend one or more surveys per year.
Requirements: Ability to identify and count swans and/or bluebirds, binoculars may be required.
Location: Various locations throughout the islands, your own transportation may be necessary. Bluebird Blitz currently takes place on San Juan Island only.

To apply, fill out our Volunteer Application here.

Volunteers count birds at Zylstra Lake Preserve


Help the Preservation Trust spread the word about our conservation work through community events! Volunteers in this position can help with a variety of duties ranging from staffing a SJPT booth during the Tour De Lopez, at farmers’ markets, or the county fair, to helping with the planning and execution of our Annual Meeting, Summer Socials, and other educational, outreach, and donor-appreciation events.

Time Commitment: Assist with one event per year.
Requirements: None, although those with event-planning expertise would be especially welcome!
Location: Various locations around the islands, although most will be ferry-served islands

To apply, fill out our Volunteer Application here.

Summer Social


Do you have a special skill, hobby, or talent that you would like to put to great use? The Preservation Trust can use people with the following skills for help with special projects. This is a great option for those professional and creative types who would like to help the SJPT on a project-based level. We are occasionally looking for people who have experience in the following areas:

  • Writing/editing
  • Grant writing
  • Event planning
  • Photography
  • Painting (artistic)
  • Naturalist guide
  • Interpreter/Translator
  • Woodworking (building benches or signs)
  • Filmmaking
  • Public relations
  • Web site maintenance
  • Legal
  • Computer/IT skills
  • Aviation (private pilot services)
  • Marine transport (private boat services)

Time commitment: Flexible.
Requirements: A reasonable level of skill in indicated area of interest.
Location: Various locations around the islands, depending on project.

To apply, fill out our Volunteer Application here.

Volunteer sitting on his newly donated bench at Peach Preserve


Volunteers in this position will be assisting our Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator and other SJPT staff in a variety of clerical tasks including help with large mailings, maintenance of files, and other duties as needed. Enjoy the camaraderie of working directly with SJPT staff at our office in Friday Harbor while helping us stay organized and efficient. On-the-job training provided

Time Commitment: Flexible, depending on our needs and your schedule
Requirements: Good organizational skills and computer experience helpful
Location: Friday Harbor office.

To apply, fill out our Volunteer Application here.

Volunteers assisting with mailings

Upon acceptance of a volunteer position, all volunteers will receive an introductory packet that explains the mission and background of the San Juan Preservation Trust as well as more detailed information on your particular job choice. Those positions that require more extensive training are indicated, and will be provided by the Preservation Trust.