Island Armada

The San Juan Preservation Trust Island Armada

The Island Armada is a group of commercial and private boat captains who have pledged to provide one or more round-trip boat trips to take groups of supporters to protected areas on the outer islands, including Waldron, Stuart, Blakely, McConnell, Jack, Henry, and Vendovi Island. We are grateful to the following for providing in-kind boat transportation for our public outreach and fundraising activities.

Christopher and Cynthia Bayley
Deer Harbor Charters
Maya’s Legacy Whale Watching
Island Express Charters
Jeff and Angie Johnson / Coastal Dane
Art Lange
Steve and Barbara McKeon / Coast Starlight
North Shore Charters
Northwest Navigation
Northwest Schooner Society/Sue and Ed Ehler
Outer Island Expeditions
Paul and Tammy Pollard / Just Because
Robert and Betty Tull / Resolution
San Juan Cruises
San Juan Excursions
San Juan Islands Water Taxi
San Juan Outfitters
Western Prince Cruises