Support a Specific Project or Fund

While your unrestricted membership donation allows our Board of Trustees to direct your gift to its most urgent need, we also have a number of special projects and investment funds where you may designate the use of your gift based on your own interests:

Capital Campaigns

You might also wish to direct your gift towards one of our “capital campaigns,” which are community fundraising efforts we conduct from time-to-time to purchase a specific high-priority island property.  Past San Juan Preservation Trust-led capital campaigns have included Turtleback Mountain  and Crow Valley (Orcas Island), Watmough Bight (Lopez Island), Disney Mountain (Waldron Island), Guemes Mountain (Guemes Island, with the Skagit Land Trust), Montgomery-Duban Headlands Park (Fidalgo Island), and the Henry Island Isthmus, among many others.

The Campaign for Mount Grant Preserve is a major effort to create an extraordinary new nature preserve on San Juan Island.

Organizational Sustainability: Our Endowment Fund ensures the long-term health of the Preservation Trust and the properties it has protected. The original amount of your gift to the Endowment Fund, the principal, will be invested, and only the earnings and growth generated by your gift to the Preservation Trust’s Endowment Fund will be used to protect and care for island land in perpetuity.

Land Acquisition: We all know that land in the islands is expensive. To ensure that the Preservation Trust is in a position to act quickly when extraordinary opportunities or urgent threats arise, our Land Acquisition Fund is maintained for the purchase of high-priority land and conservation easements. Your gift to the Land Acquisition Fund, including any income it produces, will be used to acquire and preserve land forever.

Land Stewardship:  While income from our Endowment Fund (above) may be used to support our stewardship work, we also maintain a special Stewardship Fund to provide the resources as needed to monitor properties under our protection, to restore damaged or neglected lands, to defend our conservation interests from any future legal threats, and to make our preserves accessible to the public. Your gift to the Stewardship Fund, including any income it produces, will be used to care for our island properties.

You may make a donation to the Endowment, Land Acquisition or Stewardship Funds using our secure online donation form.