Donate Appreciated Securities

Gifts of long-term appreciated securities are an easy way to make a lasting contribution to the San Juan Preservation Trust. Benefits include:

  • Capital Gain Tax Savings: By donating securities to the Preservation Trust that you have held for one year or longer, you can avoid capital gain taxes that you would have incurred had you sold the securities yourself.
  • Income Tax Savings: You may take an income tax deduction for the full amount of the gift.
  • The gift you make to the Preservation Trust is larger than your original cost basis for the securities, so you leverage a larger gift to protect land in the San Juan Islands!

Instructions for Gifting Securities

Please download our “Securities Gift Transfer Procedure” form, which provides instructions that your broker can follow to transfer securities electronically to the San Juan Preservation Trust. Please instruct your broker to notify the Preservation Trust’s office at (360) 378-2461 prior to making a transfer. In addition to assuring that your gift will be handled expeditiously and properly acknowledged for tax purpose, this advance notice alerts our money managers (Northern Trust) to expect an incoming transfer.