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The San Juan Preservation Trust relies completely upon voluntary, philanthropic support to protect and care for land in the San Juan Islands. For this reason, we appeal to our community annually for support. Whether you are able to make a large or modest donation, we invite you to join us in our efforts by becoming a member of the San Juan Preservation Trust.

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As a San Juan Preservation Trust member, you will be eligible to receive:

  • “Island Dispatch,” our quarterly newsletter that features updates on our conservation projects throughout the islands; information on volunteer projects and opportunities; and profiles of local conservationists.
  • Periodic email updates (we call these our “Postcards from the Islands”), which include conservation news from the islands as it breaks.
  • Early notification of our outings and special events, including nature walks on some of our preserves and easements, bicycle rides, and kayak trips.
  • A complimentary copy of our book: “A Place in the Islands: How Private Land Owners Shape the Future of the San Juan and Gulf Islands”

As you become a member, you may want to also consider the following: