Getting Started

As a landowner in the San Juan Islands, you may choose among a number of voluntary conservation options. These range from placing lasting restrictions on the use of your land, to donating your land outright, to selling it to a conservation organization, with variations on each of these options.

Conservation gifts can also create tax benefits for the donor. This helpful factsheet, produced by the Land Trust Alliance, describes the types of conservation gifts that may qualify for a tax deduction and explains the tax benefits. Anyone considering making such a gift should consult his or her attorney, accountant, or tax advisor for more specific information.

There is no single best land conservation method, as your approach will depend on your property’s natural attributes, your financial and ownership situation, and the specific dreams you have for the long-term future of your land.

Review the following web pages for more information, then feel free to contact the Preservation Trust to ask questions (360) 378-2461.

Conservation Options

Tax Implications


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