What You Can Do

The San Juan Preservation Trust depends upon thousands of people to provide support in a number of ways. No matter what your interests or capabilities may be, there is a role for you at the Preservation Trust. We always need your help!


The San Juan Preservation Trust relies completely on private financial support from individuals, families, businesses, and foundations. We also benefit from the dedicated work of hundreds of volunteers. We are not affiliated with any government agency and we do not receive any tax revenue. While we have forged a number of productive partnerships with county, state and federal government agencies, we do not receive any government grants for our operations.


Conserve Your Own Land

For many of us, the ability to own and care for land in the San Juan Islands has been among the greatest gifts of our lifetimes. We recognize how fortunate we have been to develop a direct bond with our land and our islands, and we also understand we have a responsibility to leave the San Juan Islands for future generations in the same – if not better – condition that they were in when we inherited them.  Healthy and undeveloped island land has provided us with clearn air and water, wildlife habitat, recreation, fresh food and scenic beauty, and it is perhaps the single most important legacy that we can pass on to our children, to our grandchildren and to future island communities.


Visit Our Preserves

Our preserves are all open to the public. See the our of map of conserved lands to find out more.



The San Juan Preservation Trust offers a structured volunteer program that invites active participation in our efforts to preserve our cherished island places. We aim to provide you with an experience that we hope is worth that most precious of commodities: your time. We offer a number of compelling and rewarding volunteer positions that will not only help advance the Preservation Trust’s mission but will also provide our volunteers with a fun and enriching experience. There is something here for everyone who wants to help.