Beecher Preserve

Lopez Island

Year protected: 1993

Land protected: 40 acres

Hiking Trails: 0.5 Miles

Trail Difficulty: Easy

A small network of locally accessible trails ramble through this quiet corner of Lopez Island, where you’ll experience towering firs and cedars, resplendent with birdsong in spring and providing a welcome shady retreat in high summer.

The preserve is named for Ward and Doris Beecher, who bequeathed this beloved family property to the Preservation Trust. (Ward Beecher’s great grandfather was Henry Ward Beecher, a prominent abolitionist, preacher, and brother of Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of the anti-slavery novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin.)

Five of the 40 preserved acres are off-limits to the public, as they are reserved for a private residence.

Access: No public parking is available, so access to this preserve is limited to pedestrians who live in the surrounding neighborhood. Blue Heron Ridge to the north of the preserve is privately owned; please respect the owners’ property boundaries and do not trespass.

For further information, contact Stewardship Manager Kathleen Foley at or 360-317-1180.

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