Evans Conservation Easement

Henry Island

Year Protected: 1991

Land Protected: 12 acres

Shoreline Protected: 700 feet

Public Benefits: Shoreline

In 1991, the San Juan Preservation Trust received its first conservation easement on Henry Island from James Evans, Jr.  Twelve acres of upland forest and 700 feet of both low and high bank waterfront – which can be viewed from Roche Harbor and Spieden Channel – will be preserved for their natural, open space and shoreline features.

The gently curving beach and a wetland area set behind it are habitat for breeding otter and for resident and migratory seabirds.  An historic limekiln and quarry are also located on the property.

“My family and I have always enjoyed the property as a wildlife habitat and we appreciate the very well-preserved limestone kiln that is there,” said Mr. Evans. “The land is about as isolated and undeveloped as you can get and we’d like it to stay that way.”