Eureka Preserve

San Juan Island

Years Protected: 2000 & 2001

Land Protected: 16 acres

Public Benefits: forest

In another fine example of neighbors working together to preserve land, 12 households in and around the Eureka neighborhood on San Juan Island helped raise funds necessary for the Preservation Trust to purchase a 10-acre parcel of land in 2001. The parcel adjoins 31 acres of woodland previously protected in 2000 by a mix of conservation easements and a Preservation Trust nature preserve. In addition to expanding protected habitat to 41 acres, the 10-acre parcel preserves part of the scenic wooded corridor along Eureka Drive and is contiguous with forested portions of surrounding lots.

“The Preservation Trust recognized the conservation value of expanding this protected woodland and provided leadership and fundraising support to a broad group of neighbors,” said Scott Spadafora, a Eureka neighbor.

“We’re delighted by the neighborhood’s response,” said Gretchen Lambert, who with her husband, Charles, donated one of the Eureka Drive conservation easements previously. “I hope our success will motivate more neighbors to consider working together to protect land. Having this land as a preserve ensures wildlife habitat, watershed protection, less local traffic and the ongoing beauty of that forested hillside. Those are all values we believe in and want to support.”