Bell Conservation Easement

San Juan Island

Year Protected: 1997

Land Protected: 38 acres

Public Benefits: Forestland, wetlands

Jack and Sherry Bell, son and daughter-in-law of the late John M. Bell of San Juan Island, donated a 38-acre conservation easement on the northwest side of San Juan in 1997.  The property was originally part of a 250-acre farm purchased by the Bell family in 1955.

“This land has been in our family for a long time,” said Jack Bell.  “We’re very attached to it and don’t want to see a lot of development on it in the future.  We’d like to manage the forest, retain the wooded, rural character and leave the land to our daughters one day.”

“We’re very pleased about donating the easement,” says Sherry Bell.  “The property is beautiful and special, with lovely mossy knolls, birds of all types and beautiful madrona and cedars and a small pond.”

Protecting the land with an easement helps to enhance the rural character of San Juan Island and provides a natural wooded open space and native animal and wild plant habitat.  Under terms of the easement, the western half of the property will remain as a block of working forest land with no structures.  The eastern portion may have two homes surrounded by forest.