Iceberg Peninsula Conservation Easements

Lopez Island

Year(s) protected: 1992, 1999, 2005, & 2009
Land protected: 151 acres
Shoreline protected: 7,236 feet
Public Benefits: rocky prairies, shoreline, forest, wildlife habitat


Truly one of the San Juan Islands’ most spectacular landscapes, the Iceberg Peninsula on the south end of Lopez Island can attribute its distinctive geology (and name) to the advance and retreat of the last glaciers that covered Puget Sound. In a series of transactions, the Reeve family permanently protected 148 acres of adjacent shoreline and uplands on the eastern half of this peninsula with conservation easements held by the Preservation Trust.  With the addition of the 3-acre Thomas Preserve donated to the Preservation Trust by Mort and Joan Thomas, along with the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Coast Guard’s adjacent 93-acre “Area of Critical Environmental Concern,” the entire 3.5 mile southern coastline of the Iceberg Peninsula enjoys protection that will preserve its natural and glacial heritage – at least until another glacier comes along.