Henry Isthmus Conservation Easement

Henry Island

Year Protected: 2006
Land Protected: 21 acres
Shoreline Protected: 4,025 feet
Public Benefits: Salt marsh, wildlife habitat, shoreline

A 21-acre salt-marsh isthmus, which forms the crossbar of the distinctive “H” shape of Henry Island, is home to an abundance of wildlife and native plant communities.  As a natural system, the area features both high quality and high diversity, including a shallow mud-bottomed bay, an inter-tidal zone, a coastal beach, salt-grass meadows, and natural dunes.  The rare accretion beach onNelsonBayhas been identified as one of the most important habitat sites of this type in WashingtonState.

The acquisition of a conservation easement on this property represents the final stage of a project initiated in 2003, when the Preservation Trust and the San Juan County Land Bank raised $950,000 to acquire the adjacent 21-acre Mosquito Pass Preserve.