Becker Farm Conservation Easement

Crane Island
Year protected: 1986
Land protected: 17 acres

Shoreline protected: 210 feet
Public benefits: Agricultural lands, undeveloped shoreline

Subdivided in 1960, Crane Island is the largest and most developed of the Wasp Island group. Consisting mostly of small waterfront building lots, the center of the island—which includes an air strip and open space—is held in common by the surrounding landowners.

In 1986, Robert and Nancy Becker and their family donated a conservation easement on their 17-acre waterfront farm on Crane, the largest private property on the island under single ownership. A picturesque example of our rapidly disappearing historic island farmsteads, the Becker family worked the land for many years with their draft horses, Amy and Heather. Although the farm was sold after Robert and Nancy’s passing, the Becker Conservation Easement will continue to protect a vital piece of Crane Island’s natural and cultural history.