Beach Clean at Peach Preserve


February 27, 2021    
10:30 am - 1:00 pm

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We Need Your Help!

Recent winter storms combined with high tides have totally reconfigured beaches like the Peach Preserve, shifting decades of accumulated driftwood up and down the coasts. Along with that driftwood comes decades of trash from throughout the Salish Sea. Styrofoam, plastic, shotgun shells, combs, shoes, tires, bottles, and lots of nylon rope are now strewn throughout the intertidal and over the high tide berms.

This is ecologically devastating as these items break into smaller and smaller pieces and are consumed by animals. Rope entangles birds, fish, and whales, and chemicals leach out of debris into the ocean, sand, and soils. On the bright side: this is an opportunity to gather trash that has been largely inaccessible because it was buried or wedged between bits of driftwood.

Please join Preservation Trust staff at the Peach Preserve (on Guemes Island), on February 27th from 10:30AM until 1:00PM to collectively clean up the beach. We ask that you please bring your own bucket,  gloves, and water. Individually wrapped snacks will be provided and physical distancing practices will be followed. Please CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP so we can send you more information.

Thank you for helping our Salish Sea be plastic free!