Martha Fuller  Orcas Island

Martha and her husband, Tim, have felt a compelling connection to the San Juan Islands from their first visit in 2005. They purchased a home on Orcas in 2006, spending weekends and holidays there until they and their springer spaniel, Hunter, became full-time residents in 2014. They continue to discover more things to love about the islands through hikes, gardening and other recreation, and plan to explore more by boat.

“Every day, I appreciate a little more how remarkable the San Juan Islands are,” Martha says. “I really believe it is a privilege to live here—though certainly it’s not for everyone. With that comes the responsibility to safeguard the things that make the islands so rare and remarkable.” Preserving and maintaining the islands’ natural assets, and enhancing community ownership and commitment to those goals, makes serving as a trustee of the San Juan Preservation Trust so appealing for Martha. “It’s important that everyone is able to access and experience the beauty and authenticity of the Islands’ forests, open spaces, views and waters,” she adds.

Martha’s professional career has been primarily in finance and public service. She has been the CFO of four professional sports teams (including the Seattle Seahawks and Sounders FC) as well as Vulcan Inc. (Paul Allen’s holding company). She has also served as the Director of Finance and Director of Planning and Economic Development for the City of Saint Paul, MN. Martha began her career as an auditor with Arthur Andersen. She continues to consult periodically on sports and finance-related projects.

Since she became a full-time Orcas Islander, she has served on the boards of the Orcas Island Community Foundation and the Orcas Public Library, on the Eastsound Planning Review Committee and on the OPAL working group that developed a community loan fund.

Born and raised in northwest Indiana, Martha graduated from Drake University in Iowa, and has lived in Seattle, Saint Paul, Tampa, and New Jersey.

Martha enjoys traveling. In the last two years, she and Tim have visited Southeast Asia, Europe and Mexico. They are currently debating their next destination. A key part of their travel is to explore and learn about all kinds of cultures and cuisines, and then attempt to recreate what they’ve tasted at home. An avid reader, Martha also threatens to undertake any number of craft projects—to date with no results.