SJPT’s “All-Access Pass” to 2021 Land Trust Alliance webinars allows board and staff members unlimited, anytime access to recorded webinars. We receive links to recordings, and update the listings below with these links, shortly after the corresponding live webinar has concluded. The only disadvantage of the recordings (vs. live webinars) is that interactive features, such as the ability to ask questions and respond to polls, are not available.

Click here to see a list and descriptions of upcoming webinars on the Alliance’s website.

Note: Contact Craig if you would like to participate in an upcoming live webinar, rather than waiting until the recording is available. Webinars last for 90 minutes, and the live events all begin at 11am Pacific time on the dates listed with the titles below.

Instructions for first-time users of webinar links:

  1. To view webinars—whether live or recorded—you will need to log in to the LTA Learning Center. If you have never done this before, go to this “Retrieve Password” page, enter your email address, and click “Send my password.” Save your password and use it to log into the Learning Center in order to use the webinar links.
  2. The Alliance uses a webinar platform called AdobeConnect. If you do not have the Adobe Connect application on your computer, a screen that enables you to download it will appear the first time you click on one of the webinar links below. Click to download the AdobeConnect installer. When the installer icon appears, double click on it to run the installer. When the installation is complete, click on the desired webinar title again. If you are prompted to select an application to view the webinar, select AdobeConnect from the applications menu. A new AdobeConnect window will open and the webinar recording will begin. (When the window opens on your screen, it may be quite small. Click and drag a corner of the window to enlarge it.)

To participate in live webinars on Adobe Connect:

  1. Select “Enter as a Guest” and type your name in the box. 
  2. If you want to listen via your computer speakers, select “Listen Only.” If you want to connect via the telephone, you have two options:
    • Option 1) Dial-Out to receive a call from the meeting – enter your phone number and click “Join.” 
    • Option 2) Dial-In to the conference (use this number if you have a phone extension):
      • o US (Toll Free): 1-888-205-5513 
      • o Participant Code: 521124# 

2021 Webinars


January 13 | How to Develop and Sustain your Fundraising in 2021

January 26 | Private Benefit and Land Trust Work: Transactions, Amendments and Other Activities

January 28 | Effective Stewardship During COVID


February 3 | The Americans with Disability Act: What It Means for Trail Building

February 4 | Getting Started with Remote Monitoring

February 14 | Taking Your Virtual Board (and Other) Meetings to the Next Level

February 23 | Drafting Current Conditions Reports

February 24 | Stewardship 101 for New Staff and Volunteers | Chat transcript

February 25 | Commercial Use Provisions in Easement Drafting and Interpretation


March 2 | Technologies to Help Track Your Finances

March 4 | Federal Tax Law: The Latest and Greatest

March 9 | Strategies to Help Your Land Trust Survive and Thrive During COVID and After

March 17 | Heirs’ Property: What Land Trusts Need to Know

March 25 | Mergers, Assignments and Dissolution: Stewarding Conservation Easements During Transition


April 15 | Getting Started Working with Urban/Suburban Conservation

April 22 | Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram Oh My!  Making the Most of Videos to Tell Your Stories

April 27 | Planning for Carbon


May 13 | Understanding Climate Vulnerability

May 18 | NRCS Easement Administration Actions (aka “Amendments”) – complimentary (not on All-Access Pass)

May 19 | Full Moon Rising: An Introduction to Land Justice with Indigenous Communities | Chat transcript

May 25| Add a Leaf to the Conservation Table: Expanding Your Land Trust’s Reach in the Community

May 26 | What Land Trusts Need to Know When Accepting Federal Funds


June 2 | Balancing Land Use and Conservation on Land Trust Lands (Due to a technical glitch, skip ahead in the recording to 1:30.)

June 3 | Making Connections with Indigenous Communities — Poor audio quality led to ending this webinar before both of the two presenters had finished. Here’s a link to the recording of the first presenter, Chuck Sams, who gave a fast-paced talk about “Historic Land Loss and Gains Among Native Americans.” A copy of his presentation deck can be downloaded from the recording site. See June 22 (below) for Part 2 of this webinar.

June 15 | Finding Affordable Retirement and Health Insurance

June 17 | Geospatial Technologies for Prioritization, Monitoring and Engagement Towards 30×30

June 22 | Making Connections with Indigenous Communities, Part 2


October 20 | Having the Tough DEIJ Conversation

November 2 | Shifting Workplace Culture from Exclusion to Belonging

Date TBD | How to Create Awesome Donation Pages (webpage and social media)

Date TBD | Planning Executive Director Transitions

Date TBD | Climate Restoration and Management

Date TBD | How to Start a Successful Planned Giving Program