Peter Ways

Peter Ways of Henry Island first came to the Northwest in 1943 as an intern for Harborview Medical Hospital. In the late 60’s as the first clinical faculty member to chair the curriculum committee at Michigan State University’s new medical school, he conceived and developed Focal Problems, a course that is now employed in many North American medical schools. Subsequently he developed and taught other innovative programs, and held many positions of high responsibility in academic medicine. Later, as a consultant for the California AHEC he led an educational initiative to improve the prevention and management of alcoholism and other drug addictions. In the early 90’s he chaired the steering committee for Creating a Sober World and made two trips to the Soviet Union to establish Alcoholics Anonymous there. In 1958 he bought property on Henry Island and became an instrumental part of the 1991 campaign to conserve the Henry Island isthmus on Mosquito Pass.