Johnson Preserve

Orcas Island
Year protected: 1997, 2011
Land protected: 1 acre
Shoreline protected: 115 feet
Public benefits:  Shoreline

 I’ve always known I wasn’t going to build anything on it or sell, it,” said Sara Jane Johnson of Orcas Island.  “Donating a conservation easement on the property has always been in the back of my mind, so I’m glad I finally did it!”  Johnson is referring to the 115 feet of undeveloped shoreline and woodlands just to the west of the Orcas ferry landing on Harney Channel that she donated to the San Juan Preservation Trust in 1997.  Part of the San Juan Islands Ferry Corridor Greenway, the waterfront parcel she purchased in 1987 includes Douglas fir, alder, and madrone, and is a frequent playground and resting area for river otters.

“I love the peacefulness and the beauty of this piece of land and of all the islands,” said Johnson at the time of the donation.  “I feel good knowing this little corner is going to stay that way.”

Fast forward 14 years to 2011 and Sara Jane realized the property would be ever better protected under the full ownership of the Trust.  This shoreline gem is now the Trust’s Johnson Preserve.